Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Have you found out who you are yet?

Just to test him, I asked my friend Arthur:

-Arthur, if I ask you the question 'who are you?' how would you describe yourself? eight to ten words.
-Ah well......I don't know....sarcastic, helpful, nice, sincere, slimmish, good cook, err ......
- Right! That's not bad of a man of thirty five!

My daughter, later on the telephone, obliged fluently as I took notes:

-Loyal, gregarious, demanding, happy, loving, chatty, thoughtful, conscientious, adaptable, busy thinker...of course some of that I've been told, school reports, that sort of thing....why? 
I explained about Mick and she sounded outraged: 
- Mu-um! You've only just met him and you give him a philosophy essay title! You are so demanding!

Philosophy should be on the curriculum as a life skill, I insist, and 'Who are you?' should be the first homework: any child would be happy and intrigued to find out: I am an ogre! I am mummy's little husband....an astronaut!....I am the Queen of Sheba! I am nice..I am sad...

And I wondered to myself: how come someone so demanding found herself such lousy men? Was I setting myself up for disappointment? And could I now avoid what used to be the inevitable? I still felt strongly about the necessity of self-awareness: wasn't knowing oneself an affirmation of who one was?

I am curious about all of you who read this blog: how did you find out about yourself? 

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  1. I liked this a lot, but I think one is always changing, and growing- espically the self-aware, so it's hard to say exactly 'who you are' because each day is a journey.
    I think the way forward is to accept yourself as you are, and accept other where they are at, of course this is harder with the ones we love, but part of the 'who we are' journey...